Hundreds of freelancers already trust us. Here’s why.

le portrait de Audrey Hossepian, freelance en webdesign

I was losing so much time just looking for specific information in my sea of emails. With Inyo I have all my clients’ feedback, comments, and documents in a single application. Really useful for tracking client projects, but also all you’ve got going on yourself!

la photo de Gérald Dorai-Mouëtron, ingénieur du son freelance et compositeur

I can keep an eye on both professional and personal tasks at the same time! Whether it’s taking care of administrative paperwork or putting reminders for my chores – it’s all in one place!

la photo de Jessy Boudin, designer freelance

I can create detailed projects and share access with my clients, which helps them understand my work and how much time goes into each project!

le logo de fovea Graphique, création et modernisation de site Internet

Inyo helps me cut down on endless back-and-forth emails with my clients. Now they can just take a look at the project and add a comment if they have any questions!

la photo de Joanna Villemain, graphiste freelance

Inyo allows me to track what I have left to do still and tells me how much time I’ve spent on each task – All that without having to manage way too many Trello boards at the same time!

Lionel Lafont, développeur freelance à Marseille.

A single platform for all my projects with an intuitive interface! Thanks to Inyo, I can monitor my progress and prioritize tasks more efficiently.

Lucas Pozzer, Webmaster et stratégie de communication en freelance.

Inyo not only allowed me to better structure my workdays, but it also helped give a clear project overview for my clients.

Easy and intuitive! Inyo helps me plan and organize my work while automatically keeping my clients in the loop about all the progress I’m making. A huge time-saver and peace of mind for both my clients and me!

Florian Fernandez, Développeur Web Front-End UX/UI Designer, freelance

Inyo allows me to update my clients about the headway I’m making with their projects and the exact time I put into completing each task. A real time-saver and productivity booster!

Mélissa Toussaint, graphiste et illustratrice

Thanks to Inyo I’ve been able to manage even my least organized clients (you know, the ones that take 5 emails to approve a small change). Now I have everything in one place and don’t need to run after people anymore. Plus, the interface is pretty neat and easy to use!

Victoria Rateaud, Directrice artistique freelance UI UX Design et Intégration / Mentor Openclassrooms integration WordPress & UX Design

With Inyo I can easily create project templates and reuse them! My clients are happy to track my progress, and I get to save an enormous amount of time, thanks to Inyo!

Graphiste indépendant chez Atelier Graphique Ju.Krea

Finally, a great task manager! Well-thought-out, easy to understand and fun to use (even for my clients)! The team is in tune with their users, and they’re quick to respond to any questions!