Find out how we help freelancers save up to 30% of time on each project.

Automate tasks you don’t like doing

Automatic reminders

Need something done by your client? Inyo automatically carries out an email cycle, so you don’t need to worry about running after your client anymore.

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«I’m on it.»

Automatic file fetching

Simply list all the documents you need for your project and Inyo will hunt them down and store it for you in a flash.

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Daily Summary

Inyo keeps your clients up to date with a brief summary detailing everything you’ve worked on that day. Don’t waste your time calling each other anymore.

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l'image d'un document qui récapitule au client les actions effectuées par Inyo dans la journée

Streamline your communication in one place

Collaboration tools

Associate your collaborators to your projects, then assign them tasks to share and follow the evolution of them. Ideal for projects involving multiple freelancers.

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Comment tracker

Shoot, where was THAT email? Stress no more, Inyo’s got your back. Find all your latest conversations about individual tasks with the convo tracker. 

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Upload and track documents

Say goodbye to scattered documents all over your virtual workplace. Simply upload your files to Inyo, track all your moves, and reduce your communication channels to a minimum.

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une liste de document joints à une tâche
un document partagé entre plusieurs intervenants d'un projet

A single source of truth

No more switching from platform to platform. Plot down ideas, personal notes, save briefs, and collaborate all in one place. 

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Boost your productivity

Smart calendar

Plan your week, schedule tasks, deadlines, reminders, and manage your business all with the smart calendar. Your assistant Inyo will let you know how much time is still available, or whether you’re taking on too many projects based on your workload.

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Killer templates

Start from scratch or save time by using one of Inyo’s templates designed by experienced professionals. So your project is off to a good start!

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un personnage tient en main un modèle de projet créé grâce à son expérience

Track your time

Taking longer than expected? Finishing early? Record how much time you spend with ease and gain insights about you peak productivity levels.

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Everything at a glance

Inyo’s secure access allows your clients to follow the project from A – Z. Spare yourself the back and forth, with everyone on the same page.

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un personnage représentant un client regarde les tâches du projet créé par son prestataire

Productivity insights

Know your strong suits and tackle your weaknesses! Inyo lets you know how to use your time more efficiently and reach your goals.

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