Inyo, the first Smart Assistant for freelancers

Inyo helps freelancers manage their daily workload by automating pesky & repetitive tasks. Like that, they save up to 30% of time!

Every year millions of people decide to become freelancers. While choosing this way of life is rarely regrettable, the freelance life comes with its own set of problems: Running after clients to get paid on time, asking for confirmations, pulling all-nighters because of all the impending deadlines, juggling multiple projects and tons of unexpected changes…In short, many situations freelancers have to face on their own. 

It is precisely to accompany them in these difficult times that Inyo, the first smart assistant for freelancers, was created.

Saving 30% of time

Inyo is a web application that allows freelancers to automate tasks they don’t like to do, often redundant and time-consuming, such as sending reminder emails to their clients. Aside from the mental workload, these tasks can take up to 30% of valuable working time. With Inyo, freelancers can easily create projects from templates designed by experienced professionals (designers, developers, marketers, etc.). Projects are shareable via a secure link, and clients can freely comment and approve tasks without even having to create an account!

Streamline communication

Put an end to back-and-forth emails, Slack, Facebook, and other communication tools. With Inyo, all exchanges between freelancers and clients can be found directly within the platform. For freelancers that struggle with organizing their schedule and setting priorities, they can benefit from Inyo’s smart calendar as well as gain a statistical overview of their (measured) productivity levels.

Already used by 2000+ freelancers

The team has been developing Inyo since 2018 in collaboration with more than 2000 freelance beta testers who use it every day. Available in French since June, Inyo is releasing its English version today. Users can take advantage of a 21-day free trial with the optional non-binding subscription of $12/month or an annual subscription of $96/year.

The product is constantly evolving thanks to the community’s feedback and aims to quickly become the helpful right hand of freelancers worldwide. 

About Inyo

Created in 2018 by Yannick Mathey, François Poizat, Alexis Launay et Yann Guillet, Inyo is the first smart assistant specially designed to help freelancers automate repetitive tasks, save time and allow them to focus on their work. More information on

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