Inyo combines everything you need to manage your workload & projects with ease.

Smart calendar

Planning has never been easier! Inyo keeps track of ongoing projects & tasks finished ahead of schedule, so you can work at full capacity.

Email automation

Save heaps of time with automated email cycles to take care of pesky reminders, payment requests, file fetching & much more.

Project overview

Monitor all your projects at a glance and track your progress in real-time with Inyo’s intuitive project overview.

Productivity insights

Know your strong suit and tackle your weaknesses! Inyo helps you reach your goals faster & use time more efficiently.

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Victoria Rateaud, Directrice artistique freelance UI UX Design et Intégration / Mentor Openclassrooms integration WordPress & UX Design

With Inyo I can easily create project templates and reuse them! My clients are happy to track my progress, and I get to save an enormous amount of time, thanks to Inyo!

Mélissa Toussaint, graphiste et illustratrice

Thanks to Inyo I’ve been able to manage even my least organized clients (you know, the ones that take 5 emails to approve a small change). Now I have everything in one place and don’t need to run after people anymore. Plus, the interface is pretty neat and easy to use!

Easy and intuitive! Inyo helps me plan and organize my work while automatically keeping my clients in the loop about all the progress I’m making. A huge time-saver and peace of mind for both my clients and me!

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