You have questions, we have the answers.

About the confidenciality
  • How are my personal information used?

    The information you provide is only used internally to ensure the best possible use of Inyo. They are not shared with third parties.

  • How are the information that I communicate about my client used?

    The information you give us about your clients are only used to send the automatic reminders. We will never contact your clients without your prior consent. You can choose to disable these notifications.

  • Are my projects info safe?

    All data and information transmitted with Inyo are secured by the SSL protocol.

For more info have a look at our privacy policy.

About the product
  • Does my client have to create an account to access his project?

    No. He can directly access the project via the personalized link that he receives by email (during a validation request or a project notification). You can also create a link to the project via the project page.

  • Who is the sender of the emails sent to my customers?

    By default the sender will be Edwige and the email [email protected] You can change the name of your personal assistant so that it is more identifiable for your customer. Just go to settings to do it.

  • How to see the reminder emails before sending them to my clients?

    Just click on “send a test email” when you are instructing your assistant to have your client complete a task. You will receive a message identical to the one that will be sent to your client.

  • How do I know which information my client can access to?

    When you’re on a project page, just click on “See my client’s view” (in the left menu). You will then have an exact overview of what your customer sees.

  • My client doesn’t receive notification/reminder emails.

    There may be several reasons for this:

    • Your assistant emails are marked as spam
      To make sure, you can ask your client to check his/her spam folder. If your assistant emails are there, he can mark them “non-spam”. To make sure they do not get into spam anymore, your clients can add your assistant’s e-mail address to their address book.
    • Your client deletes emails coming from your assistant
      It happens regularly that your clients delete by mistake the reminders without having read them because he doesn’t know the sender. To make sure this doesn’t happen, consider personalizing your assistant’s name so that your customers can identify you.
    • You have disabled email notifications.
      To re-activate them, go to the page of your project and tick “Notify my client by email” (in the left menu).

  • Can my client modify the projects in which he’s involved?

    Your clients can’t modify projects to which they have access. However, they can comment on all the tasks and validate the tasks assigned to them.

  • Can I create a custom project template?

    Yes. Any projects you have created can serve as a starting point for a new project. They are listed under “Use one of your existing projects” on the project creation page. The duration of the tasks will be readjusted according to the actual time spent indicated during the project which served as a model.

  • How to save my projects?

    All your projects are saved automatically.

  • Is it necessary to give a deadline to a project?

    No. You are free to create a project without a deadline. You will be free to add one or not thereafter.

  • Can I create a project without client?

    Yes. You can create projects without client. For example, this can be useful for a list of personal tasks to complete.

  • Can I add several clients on a project?

    Yes. You can assign tasks to different people in the same project.

  • What is the difference between types of tasks?

    There are 4 types of tasks. Basic tasks, to do it yourself. The tasks assigned to the client, which can trigger automatic reminders for him/her to validate. Content recovery tasks, to list documents that your assistant will take care of recovering from your client. And finally, bill payment tasks to be paid on time.

  • What’s happen when I click on “I’m doing this task today”?

    You can indicate that you want to perform a task today by clicking “I’m doing this task today” when the task is open. This task will then be added to your program of the day in your calendar.

  • Can we create a task apart from a project?

    Yes. You can create a task independently from a project from the dashboard or from the “tasks” page. This can be useful for personal tasks or for one-time reminders to a client.

Your account
  • How to change the name of my assistant?

    You can change the name of your assistant from the “your assistant” part of the settings page. This name is important since it will be the sender of all your automatic reminders.

  • Why do you want to know my working hours?

    We ask you to indicate your hours and days of work so that you receive notifications at relevant times of your day/week.

  • How to delete my account?

    To delete your account you simply have to go to the settings page and click on “Unsubscribe”.